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Autumn session

From October 8 to December 13, 2012


Winter Session

from January 14 to March 21, 2013


Spring Session

From April 22 to June 27, 2013 

Alive Technique

THURSDAY, 10:30AM - 1:30PM

The word "technique" refers to a conscious method for better fulfilling a given task and/or developing a coherent global methodology in a given human activity. There are techniques for learning, doing and succeeding, in just about every area of human knowledge and activity. It stands to reason that the most successful techniques are those best adapted to the nature and functioning of the activity involved. If the actor's goal is to be , - not simply "natural" onstage, - but spontaneouly alive in the moment, then it follows that her/his technique must also be alive.


Exercises as well as individual and group improvisations to: unblock habitual neuro-muscular tensions; de-control breathing; mobilize energy; free the natural voice; stimulate imagination; develop physical/sensory-based exploration and the ability to discover the next moment.


Oct. 8: guided warmup, including: unblocking tensions through physical awareness, using selected Pilates exerciceses, among others (all); exercises to release open the channel for sound (all); creative visualisation and sensory exploration of the images (all); improvisations based on these exercises (all).

Oct. 15: guided warmup (all); sense memory exercises (all); two-person improvisations using elements from the sensory exercises (all).

Oct. 22: guided warmup (all); mirror exercises (all); improvisations using elements of behavior developed in the mirror exercises (variable participation).


The cumulative effect of the intensive work in this class helps actors of all levels to develop her/his own technique towards acting that is simpler, more concrete, more physical, more profound, more personal, more spontaneous, more inventive - to sum up: more alive.

Some steps along the way: learning through doing: to explore a starting inspiration (for example, a given circumstance of the character or the world of the play) rather than to execute an idea; to welcome surprises; to follow one's impulse; to give in to and let out freely one's emotions; to speak according to one's feeling in the moment rather than in order to indicate what one believes the character should be thinking/feeling... 

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