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Autumn session

From October 8 to December 13, 2012


Winter Session

from January 14 to March 21, 2013


Spring Session

From April 22 to June 27, 2013 

Master Class

FRIDAY, 10:30AM -1:30PM

To act is to tell a story through behavior. In order to do so in an alive way, the actor needs to become personally involved in the life of the character and the world of the play, supported by a creative process based on self awareness, emotional availability, exploration and letting go.


In addition to the basic work described above, scene study as practiced in the MASTER CLASS features an organic, integral approach to realizing the dramatic structure of the play and transforming the actor's behavior to embody the character's story.
The dual principles of exploration and letting go are conscientiously applied to scene work, leading the actor to discover - by experiencing them - the conflicts inherent in dramatic structure. In exploring the objectives and actions engendered by these conflicts, the actor also discovers another way of being; behavioral transformation without betraying spontaneous emotional reponse.


Oct. 9: First readings and first passage of scenes, basic work (participation will vary).
Oct. 16: First and/or second passage of scenes; exploration of given circumstances and relationships, articulation of the changes within the scene...

Oct. 23: Continuation of the work to ensure that every participant experiences the alive approach and is moving forward.

Each scene will be worked on in class at least three times, which means that preparation outside of class, according to guidelines furnished upon enrollment, is mandatory.


Consciously applying the Alive Technique appoach to scene work helps the actor to build - or to re-build - his/her own creative process, so that the actor's work becomes more aware, more spontaneous, simpler, deeper, more committed, more free and more filled with joy....

NB: This workshop is bilingual; it is possible to work in French and/or English. Admission to this workshop is by interview AND audition, consisting of a monologue no more than two minutes' duration chosen from a play (no novels or other texts). 

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